hackchallenge? Since when? :S
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Author:  sabretooth [ Sat Mar 14, 2009 2:56 pm ]
Post subject:  hackchallenge? Since when? :S

I have been in conversation with a user recently who mentioned that lost-chall doesn't really count as a hack challenge site because of the lack of hack-based challenges.
Now this issue has come up in the past so if anyone else is thinking similar - here is my statement.

Look at the main site index:

This site is a tribute for all fans of the show with some skills in:

Mathematical knowledge

I do not see the word 'hacking' anywhere in this statement.

On the 'about' page:

I made this page because i'm a freaking big LOST-Fan and also spend a lot of time solving challenges from other sites :)

So, why not connect these two parts? I think they match up perfect.
So I started this project and hope some people will land here and spend some time having fun & solving challenges from me.
^ hacking? nope.

Now how about the site meta tags (which google use to find the site):

<meta name="Keywords" content="lost-chall, lost, lost-challenge, challenge, hackit, hackits, crypto, cryptography, steganography, security, web-security, puzzle, riddle, math, evangeline lilly, matthew fox">

hackit and hackits are included because originally I believe hackits.de was one of our partner sites. They had us on their linklist, so we linked to them also. But hacking or hacker?
again no.

We decide what to put onto our site, and this is the direction (for now at least) that we have chosen to go. There are exploit challenges on the site and programming also, so technical knowledge is needed.

But don't complain because we decide to do things our own way.

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