Quick "interview" with Bregi!!

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Quick "interview" with Bregi!!

Postby mego » Mon Aug 09, 2010 5:49 pm

In honor of the 200th challenge on Lost-chall I conducted a very brief interview.. without Bregi knowing it would actually be posted on his forum :)

mego: How are you?
bregi: I'm fine thanks :) what about you?

mego: 200th challenge huh? pretty amazing no?
bregi: yes it is :) was surprised aswell :P

mego: ever thought you would get so far?
bregi: hmm at the beginning no, because I thought I would only have the 'regular' challenges..
bregi: and I never thought I would have a co-admin :P
bregi: which creates own challenges

mego: why did you start lost-chall?
bregi: well, I was rankk addicted, and I contributed 3 challenges.. 2 were accepted, 1 was rejected. I thought the one that was rejected was good aswell.. I already had in mind to start website, but didn't know what it should be about.. so I came to the conclusion that it would be the best to start a challenge page.. and the topic was clear as a big lost fan :D

mego: which was the rejected challenge?
bregi: hmm I didn't use exactly that one..
bregi: it was something like 'connect the dots' but RGB related

mego: how many users do you currently have?
bregi: 1189 but that includes a couple spam accounts etc.. which aren't deleted yet
bregi: and when I look at this graphic, http://www.wechall.net/graphs/sitehisto ... =usercount I think it's ok :)

mego: do you know a lot of people who are also registered on lost-chall?
bregi: I think about 15.. but most of my friends don't know that I even have this page :P

mego: have you also met people who otherwise you would not have?
bregi: hmm just a brother of a former-classmate :)
bregi: at least I wouldn't have talked to him when I saw him

mego: does it still take a lot of your time to keep the site up?
bregi: currenty no :) only the creation of challenges takes time, but I must be in the right mood and have enough time, I always keep working on a challenge when I start creating one

mego: so what is the continuation for lost-chall?
mego: you still got some left for the regular season 6.. then there is that last super challenge you planned.. but then what?
bregi: well some corrections need to be made.. additional futures can be done, more badges can be created
bregi: and when I think I'm done I can start making some advertisement
bregi: i haven't made much, because of the 'incompletement' of the site

mego: how many more before season 6 is finished?
bregi: 5
bregi: the end, which were in TV 2 episodes, will be 1 challenge.. but a little bit bigger ;)
bregi: my aim is to have all the regular challenges online before military (-.-)

mego: so this last challenge.. is it going to be big?
bregi: the last season 6 challenge or the last final challenge? (which will give at least 10 points)

mego: last final challenge
bregi: yes, you will receive a package with a lot of information.. with lots of clues etc.. and as it is a real package (sent to your home) it will be something I think you haven't seen before :)

mego: what is your favourite lost character?
bregi: overall I think it's Jack.. but it changed during the series.. in the beginning it was Locke, then it became Ben, and in the end it was Jack

mego: what is the best episode?
bregi: well for me the most emotional was "The end".. but there are others which I love more than the rest, like 'the constant' 'through the looking glass' ' flashes before your eyes' 'the man behind the curtain' and happily ever after

mego: how many times have you rewatched the series? or how many times do you plan to rewatch?
bregi: I have seen season 1-4 5 times, season 5 3 times, and season 6 most of the episodes 3 times as well
bregi: I have another rewatch planned as soon as the blu-ray box is out

mego: any comments on the series finale?
bregi: the most important thing in movies, books, series for me are always the characters.. and as in the end it seemed that all was about the characters I was perfectly happy

mego: when does military start? and for how long?
bregi: 1st of november until 9th of april

mego: and do you look forward to it?
bregi: I hate it already
bregi: I'm not the type for that I guess :P

So a big thanks to Bregi for putting this site online and investing so much time into making this possible for many fans!


PS: Additional questions are always welcome! Bregi would be delighten to answer them for your, hehe... :)
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Postby quangntenemy » Tue Aug 10, 2010 6:52 am

Cool, congrats! I'm back after a long while, and it seems there are a lot more to do :D
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