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Bregi - 2017-06-12

Lost-challenge is online again after some days downtime. There was a problem with payments at the hosting

Bregi - 2016-11-23

Followed by the second one, S3:Scrambled-II is online

Bregi - 2016-11-21

Finally; a new challenge has been added, S2: Scrambled

Bregi - 2016-05-09

The challenge "RSA source" has been removed as it is broken. But stay ready for new challenges to come soon!

Bregi - 2014-03-18

In case you wonder why you have lost a couple ranks: I fixed a bug in the function that calculates the rank.

Bregi - 2014-02-25

sabretooth is now working through all the challenges, many thanks again :)

Bregi - 2014-02-04

sabretooth will when he finds time also check on his challenges. Finding out who has made which challenge can be seen on the 'credits' link.

Bregi - 2014-02-02

I'm almost through checking the challenges on solvability :) Still, if you spot something that doesn't look proper, let me know @ lostchall[at]

Bregi - 2014-01-25

Here it is, LOST-Chall 3.0. based upon ZF2. Changes affects all the views beside the challenges. But, it's likely that bugs will appear. So if you spot any, tell me please!

Bregi - 2014-01-10

Finally some news: Await a big change with LOST-Chall V3.0 in the next weeks)

Bregi - 2013-12-01

sabretooth set up a new irc channel, come and join us at @ #lost-chall

Bregi - 2013-11-03

I have updated the Forum from phpbb2 to phpbb3 due to security reasons. All data should still be online. You can post again now.

Bregi - 2013-09-26

Merry christmas and a happy new year to anyone :)

Bregi - 2013-09-07

The site is being updated as a whole. Stay tuned for some changes :)

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